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Personalized Direct Mail Communications

The essence of personalization is making the most of the data you have on your customers, prospects, donors or voters to create highly personalized communications that will trigger their interest, increasing response rates and revenues. The right solution will allow you to maximize your campaign’s ROI with a personalized approach, easily and quickly.

​One of the keys to success of direct mail is targeting and personalization. Targeting is the process of sending a marketing piece only to a specific people who are most relevant to the message you are sending. Personalization is the process of individualizing the marketing process, so your prospect is seeing content and offers that best match their interests. TDM uses digital printing to create content on each direct mail piece that is specifically relevant to the recipient. For example: Using the prospect’s name prominently on the mail piece, including offers for products or services that are complementary to the prospect’s previous purchase or indicated preferences, and including a personalized URL that provides the prospect with a web landing page full of information tailored to them.

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