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Market Penetration Analysis

TDM offers a customized market penetration analysis which provides you with a snapshot of your customers. This automated profiling tool helps you find prospects who are just like your best customers.

This snapshot statistically profiles your best customers against compiled data and creates a profile report detailing what makes them different from everyone else.

Your customer file is matched against a comprehensive database from over 100 sources which contains over 175 million records to create a customized market penetration analysis.

The strength of this analysis lies in its ability to provide you with demographic overlays revealing more information about your customers so you can market more effectively.

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You will receive an in-depth look at your customer base. analysis includes:

  • Age Band
  • Gender
  • Marital Status   
  • Family Position
  • Occupation 
  • Income 
  • Home Owners 
  • Market Value of Home 
  • Length of Residence  
  • Net Worth
  • Children Present
  • Age of Children
  • and more

The analysis is an exceptional tool for organizations focusing on customer acquisition or exploring new market segments. We will walk you through the trends that will allow you to identify characteristics of your customers/clients/donors to provide you with improved response in marketing campaigns. This amazing tool also helps you understand your audience, which enables fine-tuned and well-honed messaging for maximum results.

You will better know who your market is and how to market to them more effectively.